karenhu Bong is a very meticulous and outstanding stylist! I’ve watched her work evolve over the years and am very impressed with what she can do. She knows what colors to apply to my skin tone and what areas of my face to accent with my outfit. She is a flexible perfectionist and will stop to no end to make sure you get the best make-up, hair updo, and even haircut.
stacie If I could describe Bong Yang in one word it would be “perfectionist”! She is thorough and detailed in almost every aspect of her life and you will definitely see that transition into her haircuts as well. She is honest in her opinions but understands what the client wants and will follow through to make sure the client always leaves happy. I love going to Bong to get my haircut and every time I go I am confident that I will leave feeling great!
grace Bong is a great haircutter! She listens to what you want and won’t stop cutting until you like what you see! Not to mention she’s extremely friendly and personable! I would recommend her to everyone!
andrienne Bong is a dedicated and detailed stylist. She takes the time to understand what you’re looking for and what will be the most flattering for you. She is a perfectionist in every sense and takes pride in her work.
heward Bong did a fantastic job with my hair! My hair is really thick and downright unruly. She thinned my hair out and styled it exactly the way I wanted it. She did a great job and I would recommend her to all my friends!
tracy Bong has a very keen eye in styling and cutting hair. She strives for perfection and won’t settle for anything less. Bong has styled my hair along with my mother and cousin for a wedding we were all in. She also did the makeup for all 3 of us and we were flooded with compliments from others concerning our gorgeous hair and makeup. I will recommend her to anyone and will always keep coming back to her for a great new look.
annielu Bongs know exactly what I want and listens to me when I try to explain things to her. She is very detailed and takes her time in fulfilling her client’s requests.