photoMy Philosophy has always been simple:  treat everyone with kindness and respect. Behind every smile is a story and struggles we do not know.   Even at a young age, making someone smile became a personal, yet a simple daily goal that was easily achieved. How? Simply smile.

What if I could take that smile and target it deeper, what if I could make someone smile from the inside out?

Looks and self-esteem has always been interchangeable, especially for girls and women of this society.  When you look at yourself and you like what you see back, you feel great about yourself. Your confidence and self-esteems begins to build, and it can make a person soar.  I wanted to have that impact in someone’s lives and it became my purpose.

Hair and Makeup are powerful tools, especially if handled correctly with care and love. I have the power to shape and better someone’s self-esteem.  I have the power to make someone gain a better and positive outlook on life.  What more can I ask for?

Don’t forget to smile everyone, it can change someone’s life. That’s my philosophy. Now let’s make this a beautiful world, one person at a time.